What is Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?...

Many people are hesitant to use chemical procedures such as Botox or Fillers, in their quest to beautify their skin. A more natural and noninvasive approach to be considered is facial acupuncture. Needling the face can help stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles, and improve skin tone and elasticity. Each treatment is unique in that it is not simply cosmetic but takes into consideration the constitutional health of the patient, past traumas, and imbalances within the organ systems as well as the emotions associated with those. Treatments include needling facial points, massage and facial gua sha, use of Chinese herbal oils and tonics and distal acupuncture points on the body to address imbalances that can be root causes of facial concerns.

Facial acupuncture also offers long term results with mild risk of effects as opposed to the short term, higher risk of adverse effects of the chemical alternatives on the market.

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