Amanda H.

The clinic is very welcoming and peaceful. I started coming to Tiffany for back problems. I had such great results I now see her for any ache or pain and sometimes just for relaxation.

Erika F.

Tiffany had been working with me for about a year, transitioning my life with her knowledge and wisdom. I wish women would turn to this Eastern medicine for healing and balance.

Ruben F.

Tiffany definitely knows what she is doing. Extreme knowledge of the human body and especially of the mind. I was in pretty bad shape before, but great now!

Ashley W.

Thank you Tiffany for not giving up on me and going over and beyond to find different strategies to heal my body.

Sean L.

I have been a believer of alternative medicine for quite a few years now, my experience with Tiffany at The Acuclinic has only reinforced my faith in traditional medicine and results achieved without pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. I was referred to Tiffany while dealing with ankle issues three summers ago. My general (Western medicine) practitioner explained that the calcification on the bones in my ankle was going to continue creating pain and swelling while walking, and that running was completely out of the question until I had surgery. Having had success with acupuncture in the past, I decided to return to treat my most recent ailment.

While being treated, I referred two additional people to Tiffany. The first was a close friend having female health issues, and after treatment accompanied by an herbal formula and a change in diet, she is feeling healthier and looking better than she has in a long time- all after western doctors told her there was "nothing she could do." The second patient was my father. Just before Christmas of 2012, he was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, leaving the left side of his face paralyzed. His doctor prescribed him steroids for the swelling, and said the paralysis usually subsides, but can take anywhere from 9-12 months before your face returns MOSTLY to normal. Well, two weeks into treatment with Tiffany, his face had almost completely reverted to the way it was. By March of 2013 (just about 2 months later, for those keeping track), he looked like the palsy had never happened.

Any time I wonder if something can be helped by acupuncture, the answer has always been yes. High blood pressure, glaucoma, reproductive issues, diabetes, common cold, back pain (including sciatica), weight control... it can all be treated with the all-encompassing approach of needles, herbs and dietary change. What's the harm in giving it a try? Sure sounds more appealing than surgery or a lifetime of prescription drugs, doesn't it?

After seeing Tiffany for a little while to treat my ankle, the swelling and pain had disappeared, and I now regularly run 10-15 miles a week, all without surgery, prescription drugs, or even an Advil!

Jen B.

I heard acupuncture was great but was a little skeptical at first. Tiffany Jonsson came highly recommended to me by a co-worker so I thought I would give her a try. I have chronic sinus infections and the only thing that would relieve my pain was to take antibiotics (which I hate having to do). Tiffany made me feel extremely comfortable upon meeting her and gave me a thorough examination before started her treatment. After the first treatment I felt so relaxed and the pressure from my sinus infection was significantly less. I made 2 more appointments and so far I have not had to go on antibiotics :) She has also treated me for stress and digestion (overall heath). I just found out I am pregnant and heard acupuncture is great for the pregnancy. I trust Tiffany to create a treatment plan am planning on going back throughout my pregnancy to make sure I stay healthy and relaxed...I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone that is looking to feel better and improve their overall health. You would be surprised how powerful the effects of acupuncture can be!

Jill E.

Tiffany is ammmazing! I had a cupping appointment after having weeks of neck pain and in one session I started to feel so much relief. I am excited to continue working with Tiffany to heal my muscular tension. I have been in too many car accidents and Accupubture and cupping are key to my healing. Thank you for being on my care team!

Eddie H.

This place is amazing! Tiffany does fantastic work and have really helped with my back issues.

Ka L.

This review is long overdue. I've been seeing Tiffany now for about 4 and a half years. She is warm and caring and always provides wonderful treatments. Depending on your conditions, she may do cupping or moxibustion and always ends her treatments with a quick massage! As she has a background in nutrition, she is also a wonderful source of knowledge for anything nutrition related.

I consider her my primary care doctor as she has treated me longer than anyone else in San Diego and knows me so well. I am always super relaxed during her treatments and always leave feeling better. The Acuclinic is in a nice office building in Old Town and parking is never an issue and is free. I'd highly recommend Tiffany as well as Jessica, the other amazing acupuncturist who practices in the same office, to anyone!

Heather R.

I cannot say enough wondering things about Tiffany and the Acuclinic. From the second you want in the door, the energy is serene and peaceful, and by the time Tiffany's done with you, it feels like you're floating on a cloud.

I opened my mind to acupuncture after a car accident. First I tried the western medicine route-enduring months of physical therapy, and painful spinal injections that did little to ease my chronic pain. Within just two treatments with Tiffany my pain started to ease, and my overall health seemed to improve. I am amazed at the healing that comes from acupuncture and I am now a firm believer in the benefits!

Tiffany is an extremely skilled acupuncturist and a genuinely kind person. She gets to know her patients and genuinely cares about them. I am so grateful to have found Tiffany and for the peace and healing I feel after each session.

Megan W.

Started treatment with Tiffany upon diagnosis with Bell's Palsy.. witching 3 weeks I was almost back to normal! She is very informative, walked me through everything she was doing and have me any tips to help myself heal as fast as my body would allow!! I absolutely am hook on this place and have recommended it already a dozen times!!

Rocio R.

As a fitness instructor, I was suffering from knee and hip pain after long workouts and runs. I tried traditional methods of alleviating the pain and they just weren't working. After my first session with Tiffany I immediately began to notice that my knee was not bothering me as much. With each session my knee and hip felt better and I saw dramatic improvements in my runs and workouts. Tiffany was able to point out some misalignment's in my body and I'm not working to get my body back to 100%.

Ann C.

I am a patient of long ago, at least 1 year and a few months. I met Tiffany in the Post office when she was just starting out and was thoroughly impressed of her techniques, knowledge, and professionalism handling my care. I went to the doctor and they told me that the pinched nerve in my neck and the chipped bone I needed surgery to straighten everything out. I said no way am I going to do this and went on my journey looking for alternative treatments. Although I am not new to acupuncture the angels smiled upon me that day in the post office when she came to my window. Yes, I was a window clerk and now I am happily retired. She treated me with acupuncture, massage, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. If you never had acupuncture, treat yourself. I had her for about a year and have never felt better.

Janice H.

I highly recommend Tiffany! To begin with, her office is extremely welcoming, and peaceful. I have experienced great benefits from my treatments with Tiffany - ranging from hormonal imbalances, to pain relief in a chronic neck issue and knee problem. I love that she shares information on nutrition and supplements in addition to the effective acupuncture treatment. This enables me to further support my own healing process. I always leave my session feeling optimistic, empowered and well on my way to feeling great once more.

Susan Q.

I went to see Tiffany after a bout with pleurisy that two physicians said there was nothing to do but let it take it's course. When you feel miserable day after day, you try to find relief, which I did with Tiffany. She came recommended by a colleague and assisted yet another colleague with Bell's palsy. I knew I needed to try acupuncture and she is amazing. She explains everything to you, and she is also a nutritionist so you get even more than acupuncture when you see her. Not only is she a dedicated professional, she is extremely easy to talk to and just a wonderful, caring person. I am so happy I gave this a try with her and have had 7 appointments now. She can treat all sorts of things, so please do yourself a favor and check her out! You won't be sorry.

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