“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates

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What is Chinese Integrative Medicine?

Chinese Integrative Medicine focuses on using the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat the modern patient. Today we have very different stressors in our environments then the patients who were treated during the time of the medicine’s origins. Technology, nnEMF’s, and pharmaceuticals as well as the toxins and chemicals present in our air, water and food supply, are newer on humanity’s timeline and we are still learning the ways in which they impact human health. Another factor we consider in Chinese Integrative Medicine is how modern living affects our natural circadian rhythms. Every cell of our bodies, at the quantum level, are influenced by light exposure during the day and darkness during the night. We are living in a state of constant “circadian mismatch” because of indoor living and artificial lighting via LED bulbs and computer screens, especially after dark. This mismatch disrupts the signaling that controls our sleep, thirst, hunger, body temperature, blood pressure and sex drive and promotes disease and illness within the body

Lastly, the emotional stresses of the modern patient look very different from the emotional stress that the ancient patient experienced. Today, most people live in a constant state of fight or flight, or what’s known as the “sympathetic nervous state” because of our fast paced society. Instead of occasionally feeling unsafe because one sees a mountain lion in the distance, the “mountain lion” is present all day, every day in the form of traffic, deadlines, finances, social media, and negative news stories that are available to us 24/7 as some examples.

Medical research estimates that as much as 90% of all illness and disease is caused by stress. Acupuncture is very effective at helping to nourish and sedate the nervous system which increases the bodies healing capacity. This makes acupuncture and Chinese Medicine a unique and gentle way to treat patients.

While the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been proven to be effective, over and over again, it is has become increasingly difficult for today’s patient to maintain it’s benefits. A patient cannot heal in the same environment that they got sick in.

Educating patients on how to align with natural circadian rhythms while reducing stress provides a powerful foundation on their path to healing.

Chinese Integrative Medicine works to teach the patient how utilize the ancient knowledge of TCM while making positive changes to their modern environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it hurt? What if I don't like needles?

We understand the hesitation one might have about the needling aspect of an acupuncture treatment. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to hear that the needles are very thin, about the size of a human hair and that about 40 acupuncture needles can fit into the tip of the standard 18 gauge hypodermic needle given at your doctor’s office. Sensations at the site are often painless but can include, a slight pressure, dull ache or tingling sensation. Another option is to slowly transition to the needling performed during traditional treatment. Cupping, medicinal hot packs, massage, ear seeds, tui na massage therapy and herbal therapy, can be wonderful, non invasive, alternatives to exploring the wonderful benefits of Chinese Medicine without needling at first.

Are there side-effects?

Patients have reported several, pleasant “side effects”. An example is that when they go to a practitioner seeking treatment for neck and shoulder pain, they find that their pain diminishes. Meanwhile, their stress level, sleep quality, digestion, and overall mood improve too!

Other reported sensations experienced after an acupuncture treatment include a general sense of calm, increased energy, regular bowel movements, vivid dreams, and or/deep sleep. Temporary negative side effects can include bruising or hematoma at certain acupuncture points, fatigue, dizziness, soreness after cupping and in some cases, more soreness than usual for a day after any type of orthomuscular treatment. This is known as “dredging the pond”, because of the increased blood flow to the affected area. Patients pleasantly report that this resolves quickly and that they experienced a substantial decrease in pain the following day.

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Meet the Practitioner

Tiffany is a California State licensed acupuncturist and graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she received a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Her interest in the medicine and its origins led her to China, where she completed an internship and lecture series and received a Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While working at the Chengdu TCM hospital, she had the opportunity to follow the doctors on rounds in various specialized departments including pediatrics, cardiology, gastrointestinal, diabetes, respiratory disorders and pharmacy, seeing 20-30 patients per day.

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